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Hello! Those of you who are existing customers I have outlined below the changes you will see going forward with my products. New customers will also find this information helpful as it will help you understand what to expect from my products when you receive them for the first time.

What changes you will see coming:

  • Gradients will ship in skein form. I will be offering balling services as well as cone winding services as an add-on item to your order. If you choose to have your yarn wound, by default the yarn will be wound from light (inside) to dark unless you have specified otherwise in your order notes. Keep in mind this can alter the items ship-ability as yarn gets jostled during shipping and can arrive somewhat disheveled because yarn in cake form is less robust than in skein form or cone form. I always recommend pulling from the outside of the ball to avoid collapse entanglement, especially with base yarns that contain 50% or higher silk content.
  • All my gradients will be repeatable from batch to batch. This means last years batch will be identical to this years batch. The only exception will be if I have tweaked the formula to be better or if somehow a dye house disappears and I have no recourse but to change colors.
  • I will be offering 50g skeins of end yardage for each batch. End yardage is extra skeins of yarn that will match either end of your gradient. This yarn will match exactly and will be offered to you at the the time of ordering your yarn. This comes in handy when I make a gradient of a certain amount of yards but a pattern calls for slightly more. It’s very important that you do your utmost best to purchase end yardage with the batch that the gradient came from.
  • I will be moving to a pre-order system instead of selling dyed stock on hand. I’m not throwing my yarn out there so there can be a frenzy and leave it to whoever has the best internet connection or the fastest mouse click to be the winner. I want everyone who wants my yarn to get my yarn. You may have to wait awhile to get the yarn but everyone will have the chance to order exactly what they want. Right now I am building this method of ordering and will put more information here when I have it implemented.
  • I will no longer be offering several base yarns regularly. I have reduced my base yarn count to two. I may offer special runs of prior best sellers but those will be special runs and once they are gone, they are gone. The reason for this reduction is so that I may adequately support a robust supply chain and to be able to reliably commit to a larger amount of yarn so that I can keep prices stable for my customers. ALL my yarns are ethically sourced and my merino comes from farms that practice non-mulesing and are cruelty free.
  • All gradients within a batch are clones. This means if you really want to make a 1600 yard gradient out of two 800 yard gradients you can! Just alternate rows between two skeins and as long as your tension is consistent you can successfully have both gradients travel at the same rate of color change.
  • Sales will be online only. For the foreseeable future I will not be attending any in-person events. In addition to the pandemic that has not ended, events take me away from my family and my usual routine. They disrupt my creative flow and create a glut of potentially unsalable inventory. I have decided to better dedicate myself to serving my customers online.

I am committed to making the best gradient possible given the restraints of entropy and the bounds of the physical world. Thank you for being part of my journey.