About Me

I am a 30 something mother of 3 living outside the urban growth boundary on a tree farm outside of Portland Oregon. I am originally from a suburb of Buffalo, NY and I moved to Oregon in 2005 with my husband. I went to the State University of New York at Buffalo for my undergraduate degree in physics after which I went to the University of Leiden in The Netherlands for my graduate degree in applied physics. I worked a corporate job for awhile after I graduated but after my second son was born I left my career in semiconductor technology to take care of my family.

I learned how to knit out of my frustration to have something project based I can work on while at home with my children. After learning how to knit at a big box store I discovered Ravelry and made the best knitting friends and expanded my knowledge. After a few years of knitting I decided to give dyeing a try when a local yarn shop owner approached me to dye something special for an event they were having. I became infatuated with learning the different dye chemistries and exploring my own color sense. Eventually I would fall down the rabbit hole of owning knitting machines and making dye blanks. Maintaining and owning knitting machines allow me to exercise my engineering brain while the dyeing keeps me creative. The synergy of the two are the soul of my business.

If engineering and dyeing are the soul of my business then heritage is the heart. I believe we are what we have left behind. This is why I try to create yarn that would be befitting of an heirloom item. I have learned there is so much more to knitting than just making an item to wear or to look at. We craft with love and we put that love in our items, so why use yarn that wasn’t made with the same intention? This is what drives me every day at Fierce Fibers….keep it real, keep it kind and keep doing you!